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Carpet Touch knows that having clean carpets in your home or business is not just for appearance. The cleanliness of your carpet also directly impacts your health. At Carpet Touch, we use an all-natural biodegradable cleaner that is completely safe for you, your children, and your pets. It is environmentally-friendly and free from harsh chemicals. Other carpet cleaning companies depend heavily on soaps and dangerous chemicals such as butyl solvents. We know you would never fill your home with unnecessary chemicals and fumes, so we clean your carpets with steam, keeping them clean for a long time the natural way. 

Our solution may be all-natural and biodegradable, but it is tough on stains. We do not use soap on your carpets because the use of soap actually causes your carpets to become positively charged, attracting the dirt right back. We avoid this with out process, and with our cleaner. We will clean the toughest stains out of your carpet, and leave them looking close to new with no residue. Extend the life of your carpets and save money with Carpet Touch!


Regular wear and tear problems happen to your carpet over time. Carpet Touch’s industry leading carpet stretching techniques can fix most problems, including wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, bunches, and loose area. Services we offer to fix these problems include:

  • Carpet Patching: We offer expert carpet patching services. In order to patch your carpet, we need you to provide the patch – whether that be from a closet or a new selection from a carpet store.
  • Floor Transitions: When new flooring is installed, the last step is to finish the transition between the flooring and the carpet. Oftentimes, wood floor contractors and tile installation contractors do not complete this step because they lack the tools and knowledge to do it correctly. At Carpet Touch, we have the expertise to quickly and correctly finish your floor transitions.


Carpet seams are supposed to stay together until your carpet wears out. When seams fall apart, the cause is usually the initial carpet installer who failed to follow industry standards. We often get calls about these carpet seam problems, and we are consistently able to repair them well enough that you will not even be able to see where the run had been.

  • Stairs Repair: We have all seen it – the carpet on your staircase is worn out or damaged on the first few steps. To avoid having to replace your entire carpet, you have a few options to find a carpet section that can be used to solve the problem. Typically, our customers provide us with carpet from their closet, an extra section of carpet that they saved, or a new section of the same carpet from a carpet store. We use the section to fix the problems on the lower stairs.

  • Repair of Berber Snag, Pull, or Run: Berber carpet installers are supposed to seal the seams of the carpet with a latex steam sealer before seaming them together. However, they often omit the step and then the carpet begins to come apart at the seams. A small run can get caught up in your vacuum cleaner, creating a larger problem, so as soon as you notice the problem, call us to fix it right before it gets worse.

  • Installations: Carpet Touch can do small installations for customers who provide their own carpet in order to fix torn, ripped, or stained areas.

Wood Floor Services

Your wood floors are beautiful, and we provide the cleaning services you need to ensure your wood floors add value to your home for years to come. We have one of the newest cleaning devices available – a lightweight steam cleaner that allows the wood to be cleaned with the lowest moisture levels. This device delivers a steam clean that is powerful enough to leave it dry.

Tile Floor Services

Carpet Touch has an advanced cleaning system that cleans all types of tile and grout, including colored group. With efficient and highly effective, industry-leading line cleaning machines and products, we offer efficient removal of dirt and contaminants from your floors. For these synthetic floors, we do not recommend that you seal the tiles, but rather, only the grout lines. This keeps your tile floors from sticking, flaking, or looking cheap. We are able to strip your floors in order to remove old layers of sealant so that the floor can be restored to its original condition.

Some of our advantages include:

  • Our specialized process uses heat, a specific cleaning solution, and vacuum power to remove dirt that homeowners cannot
  • Professional tile cleaners apply specialized cleaning solutions that increase the life of your floors
  • Restoration of tile and grout joints to their original splendor by a high-pressure, hot water rinse
  • A sparkle of cleanliness that only a professional can produce
  • Relief from the hours you would have had to spend on your hands and knees scrubbing away at your tile floor

Natural Stone Floor Services

Most natural stone floors should be sealed when installed because stone is a porous material and softer than man-made flooring options. Sealing your stone floors creates a protective layer to enhance the natural beauty of the stone, keeping moisture and chemicals that can attack the stone away and providing a long lasting, beautiful shine.

  • Excellent! My furniture looks brand new! They were responsive, on time, fast, the furniture was not excessively wet. Overall I am very satisfied and will definitely use them again. Highly recommend!