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The pictures below are real results we have photographed in our customers' homes. Check out the incredible results Carpet Touch consistently delivers!

  • Carpet Cleaning - Before Image
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    Carpet Cleaning

    After all the wear and tear you and your family put on your carpets, getting them cleaned periodically by Carpet Touch will preserve them for years to come, saving you thousands of dollars in carpet replacement. You will see the incredible difference right away, brightening your home.
  • Furniture & Decor - Before Image
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    Furniture & Decor

    As hard as you try to keep your furniture clean, stairs and dirt happen over time. Give your upholstery a little TLC with our cleaning services, extending the life of your couches, chairs, ottomans, and other upholstered furniture for years to come.
  • Damage Restoration & Other Specialties - Before Image
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    Damage Restoration & Other Specialties

    Ever had a whole chunk of your carpet ripped out? Your first reaction might be that you need new carpeting or that the tear cannot be fixed. However, with Carpet Touch’s carpet repair services, we will make your carpets look good as new with no trace of the tear.
  • Restore - Before Image
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    Never knew about all the soap in your carpet? Here's the difference!
  • Carpet Repair  - Before Image
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    Carpet Repair

    No Repair Is Too Big. We'll Make It Look Like New!
  • Steam Cleaning  - Before Image
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    Steam Cleaning

    Stain Removal
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    We Have The Skills For Small Installs
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    Small Installs
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    Heavy Soil Removal In High Traffic Areas!
  • They did an outstanding job both times and I'll definitely be hiring them again! They even cleaned an older runner I use upstairs free of charge when they did the flooring deep clean throughout the entire house. Great work, very professional, A+!